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Fran Hurley 

​​Workers’ Compensation Reform
Illinois’ workers’ compensation claims and costs have fallen significantly in recent years, but many small and medium-sized businesses are rightly concerned that they are not seeing these savings reflected in their workers’ compensation insurance premiums. Out-of-state insurance companies are raking in massive profits while local businesses struggle with high costs. I voted to pass workers’ compensation reform, which will force insurance companies to pass savings along to employers here in our community. The reforms I supported also crack down on fraud while protecting workers injured through no fault of their own, and passes savings along to local employers and protects workers, not greedy insurance companies. 

​Protecting Consumers - HB 302

Passed House and Senate - Sent to Governor
Consumers deserve the peace of mind that their best interests are protected, so I remain committed to serving as a watchdog over the high-paid CEOs and multimillion dollar corporations that only care about their bottom-line. That is why I cosponsored House Bill 302, which requires insurance companies to make a good faith effort to locate and pay beneficiaries of unclaimed life insurance benefits rather than keeping the money for themselves. 

Property Tax Relief for Seniors - HB 156

I have worked tirelessly to ensure that senior citizens are receiving the property tax relief they deserve. No senior should be struggling with rising property taxes during their golden years – at a time when they deserve peace of mind. During this legislative session, I sponsored a comprehensive property tax relief package, House Bill 156, which would provide a property tax break to seniors. Previously, I passed legislation that increased the Senior Citizens Homestead Exemption by $5,000 for Cook County residents, and now, I am urging the Senate and the Governor to join me in enacting House Bill 156, a bipartisan tax relief package that will save seniors more of their hard-earned money.

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Updated July 2017


JULY 2, 2017

As we’ve seen over three years of Illinois’ budget crisis, the easy decisions are rarely the right decisions for our state. I made a commitment to the people I represent that I would work across the aisle and make the tough decisions, that's why I stood with Republicans and Democrats to make the tough decisions needed to end the budget crisis.

Working together, Republicans and Democrats voted to cut billions of dollars in state spending, so we can invest our limited resources in our schools, critical services for the elderly, survivors of domestic abuse and sexual assault, and care for citizens with disabilities.                                                                                                                      
It was my goal to protect middle-class and struggling families in our communities, so I’ve worked to ensure our solution to the state’s budget crisis expands tax credits for the middle class, and rejects any new taxes on retirement income or groceries. I continue to fight to not only freeze property taxes, but reduce property taxes for homeowners. 

There will be those who will try to use this vote to score political points. But the games won’t put Illinois back on solid financial footing. The rhetoric won’t keep our schools from closing. The negative campaigning won’t protect health care for those in great need.

If you have questions, please contact my constituent service office at 773-445-8128.