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Police Officer and Fire Officer Survivors Grant - HB 4467
Chief Sponsor
Amends the Higher Education Student Assistance Act concerning grants awarded to natural children of police officers and fire officers who have sustained a permanent disability in the line of duty. Provides that natural children need not be born before the disability occurred in order to receive this grant. 

Pay Equity Day- HR 787
Declares April 10, 2018 as Pay Equity Day in Illinois. The Resolution aims to establish public awareness, illustrating the continuing gap between men's and women's wages.

Breast Density Inform Law - HB 4392
Requires every provider of mammography services to, if a patient's mammogram demonstrates dense breast tissue, provide notification to the patient in any summary of the mammography report sent to the patient. Requires that women be notified when their breast tissue is dense; and also be informed about the implications of breast density on cancer detection.

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​​February 2, 2018

This week in Springfield, Gov. Bruce Rauner gave his annual 'State of the State' address. One of his 2018 priorities he discussed was proposing a balanced budget to the General Assembly. I look forward to working with my colleagues on both sides of the aisle to review all revenues and expenditures outlined in any budget proposal brought forth by the Governor.


As your state representative, I am committed to improving our current business climate. However, I do not accept that the only way to create jobs is by cutting wages and ending protections for workers in an effort to increase profits for large corporations - all at the expense of middle-class families. I believe the best way to create jobs is to promote policies to lift up the middle class while passing policies that help businesses grow and expand our economy.

The kindness of the men and women in blue was very apparent yesterday at police headquarters as they honored a young boy with special needs and made him an Officer for the Day. I was able to witness the huge smile on the young man's face as he saluted all the officers in attendance. Thank you Kate McMahon for organizing the day. It was heartwarming!

If you have questions, please contact my constituent service office at 773-445-8128.​

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