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A new education and awareness training course on domestic violence and sexual assault for salon professionals was implemented this year thanks to legislation sponsored by Representative Fran Hurley. The law requires salon professionals to complete a one-hour training course to renew their two-year license and would only need to be completed once in order to meet the continuing education requirement.

Illinois is the first state in the nation to support continuing education for salon professionals which includes training on domestic violence and sexual assault.  The one-hour course will equip professionals with the skills necessary to handle situations they may face when servicing clients who may have been victimized.  There are currently over 80,000 licensed cosmetologists in the state of Illinois.

Representative Hurley sponsored the legislation after she met with salon professionals, and Chicago Says No More, a coalition of agencies servicing those affected by domestic violence and sexual assault.  Reports of domestic violence and sexual assault had been increasing within the industry, and a method to address these critical issues in the workplace was needed. In fact, several other states have now proposed similar legislation in 2017 following the passage of HB 4264 (2015). While the new law does not require the reporting of instances to authorities, with increased awareness and education, licensed professionals will have the capacity to help victims who are in potentially dangerous situations. 

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​​​Legislative News

Endorsed By:

Fran Hurley 


​​​​​State Representative 35th District

HB 692

Bill provides that rental companies shall not charge any toll fee, surcharge, or fine to renters that is greater than twice the actual cost of the toll to the rental company as a result of the renters use of a I-pass or E-Zpass on a toll highway.

Status: Pending 

HB 302


​Amends the Unclaimed Life Insurance Benefits Act. Sets forth certain requirements for Insurers regarding information to ensure that all benefits and proceeds are distributed to the appropriate persons upon the death of the Insured. Makes other changes.

Status: Pending

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